Different design for different applications

Product series

Kellner KV

for outdoor units with vertical air discharge

  • VRV / VRF air conditioning units
  • Chiller

Kellner KH

for outdoor units with horizontal air discharge

  • Refrigeration condensing units
  • Split air conditioners
  • Heat pump units

Kellner KG

enclosed with exhaust ventilation for pumping sets

  • Refrigeration pumping sets

Kellner KV

for VRF / VRV air conditioning units with vertical discharge

Kellner KH

for split air conditioners and heat pump units with horizontal air discharge

Kellner KG

for refrigeration pumping sets

Totaly closed acoustic enclosure with free cooling

  • Designed for external positioned pumping sets.
  • Build in fan and motor with an adjustable air volume between 0 … 2000 m³/h to extract the generated heat from the components and produce free cooling.
  • Complete with a temperature sensor that is fitted internally of the enclosure to measure the temperature and send a 0-10V signal to the fan to adjust it’s duty depending on the free cooling requirement.
  • The fresh air inlet is positioned on the bottom of the back of the unit, complete with a labyrinth type louvre, whereas the warm air gets drawn out of the enclosure over the on top, across the length, positioned air outlet. This is to achieve the best possible air flow direction.

Mounted on a robust base frame

  • The base frame is made of strong and robust C-profile to give the unit the required strength for every application.
  • On the bottom of the unit is a insulated drain tray to collect possible condensation.


for different unit types and applications

Acoustic enclosures for water chillers

Acoustic enclosures for chillers

Acoustic enclosures with build in redirection

for deflecting the exhaust air (blowing vertically) in horizontal direction with additional special sound insulation. For projects with highest demands on the sound insulation in the vertical direction, e.g. if there are balconies above the housing while avoiding of additional sound components in a horizontal axis. The redirection housing is available in different versions, with air discharge on the side or above the front doors and can also be mounted on existing acoustic housings as retrofit.

Ultra louvre-packs (not shown in the picture)

enable a higher sound attenuation by approx. -5 dB(A) in addition. These special multi-louvre packages with longer silencers can beinstalled in the KV-housing types, especially on the discharge fan side. Depending on the built-in outdoor unit, the next larger housing type is required.

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