Why is our acoustic enclosure unique?

robust, self supporting housing

Efficient and smart construction

Extremely large-scale louvres plus an additional separation of the air flows at the discharge louvers to prevent incorrect air flows at partial load operation of outdoor units with 2 fans. The revised locking system of the flexible canvas ensures complete separation of the intake and exhaust air, even at the highest fan speed.

Optimised sound insulation

A multi-layered, asymmetrical design of the louvre-packs with double sound absorption and many detail improvements in the housing, resulting in a perfectly adapted sound insulation for all kind of air conditioners and heat pumps of up to -21 dB(A)*2, *3, *4

Easy to install and maintain

The factory-assembled complete solution offers the greatest possible accessibility for installation and service thanks to large front doors and new louvre-packs with snap fasteners, which can be pivoted in seconds and reduces installation and maintenance costs.

Extremely robust baseframe

The self-supporting base frame made of massive steel C-profiles, cross struts and integrated drain tray can be used with the height-adjustable feets on any paved surface – even without substructure. The housing is 100% non-tilting even with highest wind loads in exposed locations.

Flexible build-in

Thanks to the easy movable and stable crossbeam-system, a fast and flexible adaptation for the insertion of all air conditioners and heat pumps without drilling is possible. Standard built-in anti vibration-pads made of Sylomer avoid any transmission of structure-born noise to the ground.

100% weatherproof

The brand new sound insulation material is totally weatherproof and water resistant. It is inserted and screwed instead of glued. This maintains the shape of the louvres and particularly the functionality of the built-in air conditioning units over years without any problems during operation.

Best efficiency

Newly designed sound insulation louvre-packs with barely measurable pressure drop (<15 Pa)*1 are the key to the best efficiency of the built-in air-conditioning units. The fans are running on low fan speed because of less external static pressure which results in a lower dynamic sound level in real working conditions.

Innovative split-bottom *5

As standard the enclosure is equipped with an insulated, closed drain pan as a patented split-bottom *5 and reliably directs rainwater and condensation water out of the housing via slit-shaped gutters into drain gutters (accessory). This keeps the surface underneath the housing dry and free of frost in cold seasons.

Environmental friendly materials

The insulation used is washable with a high-pressure cleaner and can be easily recycled for later disposal. In addition, the sound insulation mats according to EN13501-1 are flame retardant and comply with fire class B1.

1: Data measured by TÜV Austria (Technical Supervisory Association)
2: Depending on unit manufacturer and model
3: Data measured according to DIN EN ISO 6914-2
4: Version with deflector plates and Ultra-louvres
5: Utility model protection for components and functions under AT15899-U2-2018 and GM 50161/2018

Sound insulation for the highest demands

and happy neighbours

Realistic noise insulation values for high planning security

Ever-increasing requirements of municipalities, stricter noise regulations and neighbors make constructive and material-technical high-quality sound insulation necessary as well as to fulfill the specifications and to maintain the unit’s functions over many years. Therefore our acoustic enclosures are constantly being improved and measured in very precise noise tests by means of envelope detection methods.
These very realistic and traceable measurements are executed by an independent, external civil engineer in accordance with applicable standards ÖNORM EN ISO 9614-2, ÖNORM EN ISO11546-1 and ÖNORM EN ISO 717-1. The tests are carried out under laboratory conditions with a ball loudspeaker as a constant and homogeneously radiating sound source and meandered externally by means of a sound intensity probe.
In these exact measurements, the characteristic of the sound attenuation in all propagation directions is recorded. In this way, exact pre-calculations of the expected noise break out levels for sensitive acoustic projects can be created.
This allows the design office, an acoustic engineer and the authority, to obtain a very realistic estimation of the expected sound levels. This results in a high degree of planning security for the operator as well as the end customers and residents.

Top insulation + lowest static pressure drop = highest efficiency!

Our acoustic enclosures perfectly combine both

The difference is in the lowest possible static pressure drop!

The structural design and the functionality of our acoustic enclosures are defined by the special shape and arrangement of the „louvre-packs“. Depending on the type of enclosure and the design-related characteristics of the installed air conditioners or heat pumps, these louvres are shaped and sized differently.

These louvres differ significantly in material structure and in the form of conventional louvres, which are used in commercially available silencers.
The fan characteristics of the horizontally blowing fans of split air conditioners and heat pumps show a very low available pressure and are therefore suitable in principle for a free blow-out. Fans of vertical blowing VRF air conditioners have a slightly higher pressure, which however, only occurs at the highest fan speeds.
Therefore, a specially constructed, special pressure test channel for measuring the pressure losses of different louvre packs was built. Depending on the direction of air flow and the suction or pressure air-flow (discharge side), the characteristics of the louvres can be precisely adapted to the behavior and optimised with a speed-controlled fan with a similar fan characteristic as it is built-in the air conditioning units. 

measured by:

Measurement of air velocity
In addition to the special shape of the different louvre-packs, the free cross section and subsequently the lowest possible air-flow velocity are decisive for a low pressure loss and thus for an efficient and trouble-free operation of the installed outdoor units.

Our acoustic enclosures have by far the largest usable cross sections with the highest sound absorption insulation.

Due to the extremely low pressure drop of <15 Pa on the air-discharge side and <30 Pa total at full fan level, our acoustic enclosure is the only soundproof enclosure with a demonstrably lower pressure loss (measurement by TÜV Austria) as the fan pressure of the air conditioners according to data sheets of the air-conditioner manufacturers and therefore also the acoustic enclosure with the lowest power and efficiency loss at full sound insulation performance on the market.

No loss of capacity = outdoor units are more quiet during normal operation

Principle of operation

The base principle of all enclosure models is the retention of the identical air flow directions as the built-in outdoor units

To achieve a flawless and efficient operation of the built-in outdoor units, the fans must reach the same air volume flow rate as on a discharge. This is achieved by extremely large-scale and special shaped louvres – so-called „lamella-packs“ – with an unique design for hardly measurable, minimal pressure loss. The air flow through the enclosure corresponds exactly to that of the installed outdoor units, without deflections and baffles.

Universally applicable

The ex factory assembled enclosures are divided into different product series (KV, KH, KG) according to the basic function and allow through the many enclosure series (S, M, X, Y, T, ..) an optimal adaptation to a wide variety of outdoor units and systems of all manufacturers with very compact external dimensions and a small footprint. For installation through doors, the enclosures can also be very easily disassembled and reassembled on the building site.

Meets the standards for static loads and wind load

The very robust constructed, self-supporting enclosure complies with the standards EN1991-1-4 and all static requirements, which are placed on supporting structures. Therfore, the plant manufacturers and operators are given full plant safety and protection even with the highest wind loads and on exposed locations. Due to the compact design and weight of the built-in outdoor units that sit on the base frame, a complex substructure and an expensive, deep foundation, e.g. in terms of static mandatory for sound absorbing barriers, are not required.

"Out of sight, out of mind"

The enclosed housing construction provides increased protection for the built-in units against wind, hail and snow as well as vandalism and prying eyes from concerned residents and neighbors. In addition, the front doors can be equipped with an integrated cylinder door lock.

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