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Innovative "split bottom" drain pan

Through the new split-bottom with slit-shaped gutters, the quick drainage of rain and defrost water is enabled. An electric heating system for the complete bottom area as antifreeze prevention is no longer necessary, which reduces the annual electrical energy consumption of the system. The slit shaped gutters avoid the risk of a blocked drain connection, as there is no requirement for the drain connection. During heat pump operation, the only recommendation is to install a heating cable along the slit shaped gutters to prevent frost. This heating cable can also be retrofit later, when it is clearly required. The split-bottom is installed in the housing types KV and KH as standard without additional costs.

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Anti vibration pads

To isolate and prevent the transmission of vibrations and structure-borne noise from the built-in air conditioner, anti vibration pads are installed. This special anti vibration pads are made of Sylomer and fitted onto the steel profile already ex works.

Optional accessories

for flexible adaption to every project

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Drain collector

Collecting the water under the split-bottom of the enclosure and drain the water to the side for a connection to a separate drainage, sewage or into an oil-separator. This keeps the surface underneath the housing dry and always free of ice in winter for adjacent paths and open spaces. This item is available for extra charge.

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Door open holder

fixes the front doors, even in strong wind loads against slamming and allows secure access for maintenance and repair work. This item is available for extra charge.

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Deflector plates

If higher sound attenuation is required, the new designed and patented „deflector plates“ can further improve the insertion loss by an additional attenuation of approx.
-4 dB(A)on the horizontal axis. These deflector plates are mounted by means of special brackets at a defined distance in front of the intake louvres (right, left and rear side) on the housing. They attenuate specifically and effectively the sound emission of the compressors.
These plates can be ordered as additional kits and can also be retrofitted to existing acoustic housing.
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Door lock

For a surcharge, a lock case is integrated in the right-hand door leaf and prepared for on-site installation of a half-cylinder lock. Property managers and retail stores can thus access via a central locking system and effectively prevent unauthorized access to the built-in devices and avoid damaged from vandalism.

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Available coatings and colours

Standard version in galvanized sheet steel or with a standard powder coating for a small surcharge. The powder coating is an anti corrosion finish, improves the weather resistance further and gives a “softer” appearance.

Powder coating in stock

Special colors, forms or motives are available with a PVC foil coating as required


Powder coating in any RAL colours against extra charge available

KVS222 RAL7015
KVS222 RAL6001

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